Summer ’18

I have one full day left in Nola (holding back tears as I type this), but man am I excited for what the summer is going to bring! On Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, I drive all my stuff back up to Nashville, spend the week, and then spend 5 glorious weeks in Seattle summer perfection. Then…I start my job as lead 7th grade math teacher in Nashville after the 4th of July. I’m real nervous, but also excited. However, I am most excited for all the fun I’m going to have in Nash and Seattle first!

On the Nashville agenda for the week:

  • dinner with my best friend @Pastaria (still semi new, and she’s been dying to go there since it opened)
  • drinks with same bestie at Noelle rooftop after dinner
  • hike to one of the dozens of waterfalls surrounding Nashville with friends
  • finally try Bolton’s for Nash famous hot chicken
  • take photos by 2 of Nash’s newest murals (my fave activity)

On the Seattle agenda:

  • finally attend Fremont Summer Solstice parade (its clothing optional for parade participants…yikes)
  • MUST get a burger at Red Mill (my fave spot)
  • Hike Diablo Lake in North Cascades National Park
  • Hike in Olympic National Park
  • Hike Mailbox Peak
  • Check out Canon, a notorious whiskey bar, with the biggest selection in North America
  • Go to Pike Place Market (duh) and see the flowers (my favorite) and Beecher’s (the best cheese in the world)
  • Rooftop cocktails @Frolik in downtown Seattle
  • Out to dinner via boat @Beachhouse
  • Hunt for the best cold brew coffee spots. Lots of new spots to check out!

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