Olympic National Park

I finally made it y’all! I have been wanting to go to Olympic National Park for legit 10 years, and I finally went! Yesterday, at the crack of dawn, my Aunt and I got on the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. From Bainbridge, it’s an hour and a half drive to Port Angeles, which is the gateway to Olympic National Park. First stop in the park was Hurricane Ridge. We lucked out big time on the weather. It was almost totally clear at the top. So after a 17 mile drive up to the trailhead, it’s a nice little trek up to the top of the ridge. The mountains were absolutely stunning. Snowcapped with sun shining down on them. WOW! We saw deer, rabbits, chipmunks, and lots and lots of marmots, which only live on the Olympic Peninsula. After the hike we headed off to explore a few of the many lavender farms in nearby town Sequim. Sequim has an annual lavender festival in July, so the lavender wasn’t in full bloom, but not bad. The farms were absolutely beautiful, and I got lots of goodies: a lavender candle, garlic lavender pepper, a lavender bandanna for my new pup, and a cute little lavender plant for my new house! After the farms, we checked into our hotel, and then was off to dinner at Next Door Gastropub in downtown Port Angeles. YUM! We got jalapeno crab dip and an Italian Job burger with garlic parmesan fries. Unreal delicious!

After calling it an early night, we got up early and headed out to the Spruce Railroad Trail that goes around Lake Crescent. Lake Crescent is gorgeous! A must hike! I did accidentally kill a snake on the hike while taking a photo, and I feel awful about that. But otherwise it was a good experience. Bluest water I’ve seen in awhile! Our next stop was Dungeness Spit in Sequim. The spit runs for 5.5 miles out into the ocean, and is a huge wildlife reserve. The beach was very pretty, with lots of beautiful driftwood, and different views. Our last stop before the ferry back to Seattle was lunch on Bainbridge. We ate at Harbor House on the water, with great views of downtown Seattle and the Bainbridge marina, and a delicious kale salad. Also, made a pitstop at Pegasus Coffee in downtown Bainbridge. Coyote Cold Brew with coconut milk and tiger chai is YUM!


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